Satons(Shanghai) Power Co., Ltd.

Committed to the R&D and manufacturing of filters, reactors, and transformers, and provides integrated solutions for power quality such as harmonic control, reactive power compensation, and electromagnetic interference. 

Satons(Shanghai) Power Co., Ltd. is located in the business section of Shanghai Dahongqiao, with very convenient transportation.The company specializes in the research, development and manufacture of filters, reactors and transformers, and provides integrated power quality solutions such as harmonic control,  reactive  power  compensation and electromagnetic interference.We have introduced German technology, advanced production  technology,  sophisticated equipment and complete test platform.The company pays great attention to product research and development and technological innovation, and has always enjoyed a high reputation among users.The company will continue to drive technology innovation, strengthen product serialization, modularization, standardization and internationalization to meet market demand, improve product quality, and develop high-quality products with  high  technical content.The company wins the market by quality and reputation.

Description of product configuration

Converter technology

Forming and controlling circuits, composing complex power electronics and systems.The so-called "conversion" means that the alternating current becomes direct current, the direct current changes to alternating current, the direct current changes to direct current.


Power quality

Refers to the quality of electrical energy in the power system. The ideal electrical energy should be a perfectly symmetrical sine wave. Some factors cause the waveform to deviate from the symmetrical sine, which creates a power quality problem. Power quality problems can be defined as: voltage, current, or frequency deviations that cause a powered device to fail or not function properly. In modern power systems, voltage sag, temporary rise and short-term interruption, and harmonic distortion of voltage waveforms have become the most important power quality problem.

The frequency converter is one of the most commonly used components of AC motor control equipment. At present, inverters can be found in all industrial fields as well as in the field of home automation. In view of the demand for ultra-small,  high-efficiency  energy conversion equipment, inverter manufacturers use IGBT switching and PWM technology. This can cause many problems for OEMs and system integrators, from functional degradation to very severe motor damage. Saton reactors and filters reduce the  harmonics in  the line and the effect of the drive output on the motor.


Inverter input:

EMC problems Harmonics Commutation gaps Surge and peak currents Low frequency interference


Inverter output:

Excessive dv/dt Peak voltage and overvoltage Parasitic ground current Motor eddy current loss Coil displacement current Bearing current Additional inverter pulse load Audible motor noise

Inverter intermediate DC bus: Inverter intermediate DC bus Capacitor stress Harmonic Other various problems


Whole system

Low efficiency / low power factor Uncertain system immunity Unacceptable interference emissions Uncertain service safety / reliability

Waveform effect comparison diagram of load reactor with output reactor, dv/dt filter and sinewave filter
Waveform effect comparison diagram of input reactor, LCL filter, harmonic filter, and EMI filter on the power supply side
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