Satons is located in Shanghai Dahongqiao area, better radiating domestic and international markets. The company is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of filters, reactors, and transformers, and provides integrated solutions for power quality such as harmonic control, reactive power compensation, and electromagnetic interference. Possesses power quality online monitoring services and one-stop power quality testing and evaluation services, monitoring system software (hardware) development and services, and power quality management system research and development capabilities. Have a strong professional R & D team and manufacturing capabilities. Introduce German design technology, advanced production technology, sophisticated equipment, complete testing platform, and establish a joint laboratory with a national electromagnetic compatibility platform. Pay attention to technology research and development and technological innovation, and has always enjoyed a high reputation among users. The company will continue to be driven by technological innovation, strengthen product serialization, modularization, and standardization, continue to meet customer needs, and always regard quality as life and honesty. At present, it has successfully served 16 industries.
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Solution

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), namely electromagnetic compatibility, refers to the ability of devices or systems to meet the operation requirements without generating the intolerable electromagnetic interference to any equipment in their environment.

Harmonic Control Solutions

When the sine wave voltage is applied to the nonlinear load, the current becomes nonsinusoidal wave, and the non sinusoidal current produces voltage drop on the grid impedance, which makes the voltage waveform also become nonsinusoidal wave.

Power Quality Solutions

Power quality is the quality of electric energy in electric power system. The ideal electric energy should be perfectly symmetrical sine wave. Some factors will cause the waveform deviation from the symmetrical sine, which results in the power quality problem.

Consulting, Engineering and Training

As a global supplier of power quality integration solutions, Satons can help you to apply the world-wide best safe policy. Satons service covers the whole life cycle of point power. Satonstraining provides the latest curriculum content, itis closely combined with the actual operation, and meet various requirements of users.